About Metrum

With the aim to provide quality services and innovative solutions in land surveying and territory planning Metrum participates in worldwide developments since year 2005.

SIA „Metrum” started its active work in the  market , employing experienced and professional land surveying and territory planning specialists. With its first year SIA „Metrum” services were offered at 30 branches in all territory of Latvia, making „Metrum” services and consultations closer to the customer. Already in its first year, SIA „Metrum” becomes a market leader among the land surveying private enterprises, serving 22% of the land surveying and territory planning market.

Continuing the rapid technological development and innovative approach in service providing, in 2006 SIA „Metrum” purchased a special aircraft for aerial photography and measurements from the air, and aerial-photogrammetry camera Leica ADS40 and aerial-laserscanner ALS50.

The aerial-photogrammetry and laser scanning services are offered in the market since flight season 2007, implementing projects for Latvian sea coast line, forest territories and capital Riga. In 2007 the turnover of SIA „Metrum” reached 6.314 million EUR.

In 2008 our specialists have worked for new innovation products, obtained using laser scanning and aerial photography data, including: producing airport aerial obstacle map, evaluating mineral resource extraction volume for quarry monitoring, producing 3D and relief models for several towns, producing ortophoto maps and other. In 2008 the turnover of SIA „Metrum” increased by 24% reaching 7.830 million EUR and the financial year was closed with 1 million EUR profit.

Currently, SIA „Metrum” employs 230 specialists to provide constantly high quality services and to work on new innovative solutions, using experience and competencies in land surveying, territory planning and photogrammetry.