Ilva - an exceptional surveyor with extensive experience in cadastral and topographic surveying

**Ilva Beinaroviča has been a member of the SIA “METRUM” team since 2006, initially as the head of the Talsi office. With passion, she successfully established a thriving regional office and an outstanding professional team, ensuring high-quality services. Since 2015, Ilva has been overseeing the development of the Surveying Department across the company, promoting growth and innovation in all 13 regional branches.**

Professional Experience

### Professional Experience

Ilva is a true master of surveying, performing her work with great care and precision. Her talent and skills shine through in managing various projects, ranging from surveying private properties to handling nationally significant projects. Ilva’s extensive knowledge and experience in surveying make her a reliable partner for individual clients, large corporations, and government institutions alike. She excels at solving complex surveying tasks and ensures that each project meets the highest standards.

Currently, Ilva is actively working on surveying projects for the European Railway lines. Since 2006, METRUM’s surveying department has measured approximately 1,700,000 hectares and completed around 50,000 topographic surveys.

Her expertise is evident in every project carried out by METRUM, including surveying for:

– The vast areas of Latvia’s State Forests,
– Latvia’s State Roads network,
– Properties owned by the State Privatization Agency,
– Projects for the State Provision Agency,
– Lands owned by various municipalities and other significant clients.

Contribution to Education

In addition to her professional work, Ilva Beinaroviča is a passionate advocate for the surveying field and is actively involved in promoting it. She participates in engaging new specialists in the field and encourages young people to choose this profession by taking part in Career Day projects at universities and schools across Latvia. Ilva also collaborates in youth Entrepreneurship and Business Development programs, providing valuable knowledge and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Through Ilva’s active involvement, METRUM has fostered strong collaborations with the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Riga Technical University, and Jelgava Technical School, ensuring that new specialists receive the best education and practical experience.

Since 2020, Ilva has represented METRUM in the Talsi Entrepreneurs Club, where she actively participates in improving the business environment in the Talsi region and promoting the surveying profession. Her enthusiasm and dedication inspire not only new specialists but everyone who encounters her work and experience.

Ilva Beinaroviča
Ilva Beinaroviča on Her Work

“It is truly wonderful to be part of SIA “METRUM” since its inception and to witness how our team grows and develops. I am proud to be one of the drivers of this growth, working alongside colleagues who began their professional journey with the company in 2006. Every day, I experience both challenges and satisfaction as I attract new talents to our team, introducing them to our company values and high standards.

I take pride in working with exceptional professionals in the field, continuously improving our skills and knowledge together. It is a great feeling to know that our collective efforts help the country and Latvian entrepreneurs by facilitating property rights processes and ensuring successful development.

I am a creative person with a structured and professional approach to work. This combination of qualities allows me to maintain my passion and always strive for new challenges and achievements in both the company and the industry. In my daily work and projects, I find joy and fulfillment, which motivate me to continue working and growing with METRUM.”

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Ilva Beinaroviča

Head of the Surveying Department

+371 27065082,

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