Māra - an excellent professional with rich experience in the field of territorial development planning and architecture.

Māra Kalvāne is an excellent professional with rich experience in the area development planning and architecture. She has been working at SIA “METRUM” since 2006, initially as a planning project manager, but since 2014 as a manager of the Territorial Development Planning branch. Māra Kalvāne is a member of the Latvian Union of Architects and a certified architect.

Professional experience

Māra Kalvāne has successfully managed and implemented various territorial development planning projects both in Riga and Jūrmala, as well as in other Latvian cities and counties. She has developed detailed plans, local plans and territory plans, as well as participated in various levels of sustainable development strategies, programs, environmental policies, strategic environmental impact and other projects.

Her work experience also includes major projects such as:

  • Participation in development and research projects of Riga, Zemgale and Kurzeme planning regions
  • Consultations and development of individual projects for the development of important transport structures and territories for Latvia – the territories of Riga Airport and Riga Freeport, as well as for the development of the Rail Baltic project in Latvia
  • Saldus, Saulkrasti, Ikšķile, Mārupe, Sigulda, Jūrmala, etc. development of territorial plans of municipalities and their amendments
  • Development of local plans and thematic plans, for example the development of the southern part of Zaķusala in Riga and the development of bicycle traffic in Jurmala
  • Projects related to the preservation and development of cultural heritage – Turaida museum reserve, Kuldīga old town, Saldus and Ogre historical center, evaluation of the impact of planned development and construction on UNESCO in Riga and Kuldīga.
  • Development of high detail and complex detailed plans for various locations mainly in Riga, Jurmala and Pieriga.

Investment in education

Māra Kalvāne has obtained an architect’s education at the Riga Technical University and an artist-master qualification at the Riga Applied Arts High School. She regularly participates in professional development seminars and programs in order to maintain a high professional level and familiarize herself with the latest trends and methods in spatial planning, architecture and environmental design. Māra Kalvāne has participated in the juries of various architectural design competitions, providing her professional contribution and assessment in the field of territorial development planning and urban construction.

Education and professional development

In addition to her professional work, Māra Kalvāne actively participates in the education of young specialists. She is a lecturer at the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Latvia, where she both gives lectures and supervises coursework in the master’s program of Territorial Planning.

Māra Kalvāne
  • Mara about her work:

    “It gives me great satisfaction to work on projects that affect the development of cities and villages, ensure the attraction of new investments and business development, as well as improve the quality of life for the people of Latvia. The challenge and opportunity of each project gives me new experience and knowledge that I can apply in future works.”

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Māra Kalvāne

Head of the territorial development planning branch

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