The Garden of Destinies will become interactive

The Garden of Destinies will become interactive

"Metrum" realizes a unique project that gives an opportunity to take a stroll in the Garden of Destinies (Likteņdārzs), to determine the exact location of a memorial as well as to get the exhaustive information about the destiny of people embodied in a memorial to any person wherever he or she may be.

 Having become a sponsor of the Garden of Destinies, "Metrum" commenced the work related to development of an interactive version of memorials. This time the great technological facilities of the enterprise will be used to give an opportunity to visit the Garden of Destinies, to take a virtual walk in the park and to make an emotional journey exploring the feelings and emotions left there to each interested person.

Visiting the virtual Garden of Destinies one may determine precise geographic position of its trees and memorials, watch their images, see how trees are growing and observe other changes. Choosing a tree planted in commemoration of a certain person, a visitor of the Garden of Destinies will be able to find out his name, his destiny, to watch historical photos and to get other data. Detailed information about the Garden of Destinies architecture objects as well as their authors and constructors will be available.

During the support event that took place at the Garden of Destinies on May 4 the "Metrum" experts completed first on-site task: started measuring the planted trees applying GPS reporting system. The interactive Internet version of the Garden of Destinies will be available at the end of the summer.

About the Garden of Destinies (Likteņdārzs)
The Garden of Destinies was created on an island of Koknese, in the middle of Daugava thanks to the nation-wide support. This is the place where the future meets past. The Garden of Destinies was created by the Kokneses Foundation, and its design and philosophical concept was developed by the Japanese landscape architect and Zen Buddhist Shunmyo Masuno. According to his plan 11,000 trees are to be planted in the park. Further information about the development and supporters of the Garden of Destinies is available at