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Aerial photographing of the territory of Latvia
After competition we were granted rights to carry out aerial photographing of the entire territory of Latvia at scale 1:5000
Production of 3D relief model of Riga terrritory
In compliance with an order of Urban Development Department of Riga Council, aerial laser scanning of Riga was completed
Aerial photographing un aerial laser scanning of Canary Islands
Metrum Ltd. carried out high-resolution aerial photographing and aerial laser scanning of surface and relief on the territory of 9,000 square kilometres of the Canary Islands
Aerial laser scanning of the territory of Lithuania
Via applying the specialized corporate aircraft, completed aerial laser scanning of 2/3 of the territory of Lithuania, and initial processing of the obtained data
Aerial laser scanning of the territory, forests and road network of Finland
Aerial laser scanning works under several projects were completed in Finland via using the specialized corporate aircraft.
Aerial photographing works in Romania
Company used its specialized corporate aircraft to carry out aerial laser scanning un aerial photographing works in Romania, over Siret River Basin and the territory of nine cities
Monitoring of Coastal Erosion and Construction
Via applying the corporate aircraft and the special equipment of aerial photographing – carried out flights above the Gulf of Riga