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Surveying and Research

Railway topographical survey in Latvia
At the State JSC "Latvian Railway" partner SIA "Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Baltics' custom there were made ​​a number of track 200 hectares the total area of ​​topographic survey for the railway traffic control system modernization needs.
Topography for water management development system in Latvia
"Metrum" performed topographic survey and research work in Riga, Marupe, Babites and Pinki regions for upcoming large scale water devepoment projects
JSC "Latvian Gas" trunk pipeline network and the protected area  digital surveying
50-meter-wide band took the topography survey, established pipeline burial depth of the recorded communications
Riga Mežaparks single site topographic plan
A topographic map was prepared for Riga, Latvia Mezaparks site for upcoming development needs.
State forest areas cadastral survey
JSC "Latvian State Forests" in open competition of the 250 000 hectares entrusted our company perform survey and boundary works.