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Surface and terrain models

Surface and terrain models are products elaborated on laser scanning basis that can be further used as basic material for collecting, reflecting and forecasting geographical information.
• 3D surface model
We providing digital information on land terrain and surface objects – mainly buildings and vegetation. One of the visualization approaches of these data in the computer is reflecting different point altitudes with different colors. It is possible to make automatic classification of data, dividing different objects into classes – land surface, buildings, high vegetation (trees and bushes) and other points not located on the land surface. Different color points can be used in this case as well.
• 3D terrain model
3D terrain model is data obtained by laser scanning and processed by specific software that are reflecting land surface or terrain. Digital 3D terrain model can be produced by photogrammetric approaches, by using stereo pictures; however in places like forests it is difficult or even impossible as the land surface cannot be seen. On contrary, a laser beam can be reflected several times, e.g. from top of the trees, from other parts of the trees and the last reflected signal usually comes from the ground.
• 3D Surface Model and 3D terrain model with an image
These models allow more precise and wider presentation of the territory of interest and ensure different possibilities for analysis.  
By combining or additionally processing basic products, including 3D surface and terrain models aerial photo and orthophoto materials, topographical data, it is possible to obtain different additional products according to specific needs: surface or terrain 3D models in combination with an image, a topographical map in scale 1:2000 and city 3D model. This is the easiest way to quickly obtain information on terrain objects at specific territory.