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Forest inventory

Forest inventory is a systematic data collection, processing and analysis on forest land and forest stand. It is recommended for forest owners to know the forest's wood-pulp and its value; it is also used in cases determined by legislation. For example, in Latvia, forest inventory is carried out for forest areas larger than 0,1ha and forest owners have to perform that every ten years.
Inventory is necessary:
  • to carry out any economic activity in the forest, e.g., cutting;
  • to determine forest's cadastral value;
  • to perform forest land transformation;
  • to receive tax remissions according to the legislation.

Information on tree height, growing density, conifer and deciduous tree territories, volume of damaged trees is obtained by 3D data modeling on the orthophoto map of the territory and processing material by specific software. Data obtained are important for forest inventory at the private and state forests. We are performing aerial photography, laser scanning, and data processing and producing forest inventory.