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Coastal erosion, flooding, power stations and dams impact modeling

When developing infrastructure in certain regions, it is necessary to take into consideration and respect the natural energy and artificial human created energy. Processes provoking costal erosion, the potential of flowing water and energy created by power stations are forces with great energy but lack of their assessment can lead to different consequences.

Before implementation of development and building projects at a specific region, it is necessary to examine the possible consequences of these processes and powers in cases of disasters and in long-term perspective. For example, when developing infrastructure at the seaside, it is necessary to observe costal erosion perspective, or to take into consideration margins of flooding in the territories at risk of flooding.

This prognosis is carried out on the basis of 3D terrain models. Results show precise information, enough to be used for further prevention activities. We are performing area laser scanning, aerial photography, data processing and creation of 3D models.