‘’Metrum’’ has commenced the development of two new territorial plans in Latgale region

‘’Metrum’’ has commenced the development of two new territorial plans in Latgale region

Land surveying and territorial planning company «Metrum» has begun the development of two new territorial plans in Latgale – for Bērzgale and Sokolki rural municipalities of Rēzekne region.

«Metrum» is planning to complete these territorial plans before the end of the year, when the municipality territorial planning development term set by the Cabinet of Ministers will end. The municipalities of Latgale have great interest in development of territorial plans, however many of them are still waiting for state earmarked subsidies before beginning the process. In the long-term, this means delaying of the time limits set for municipality territorial planning.

«One of the problems is that the municipalities of Latgale are territorially small, so the funds necessary for planning exceed their budget capacities. The receipt of earmarked subsidies, however, is being delayed, as there is a large number of municipalities in Latgale,” says Terēzija Kruste, «Metrum» territorial planning branch manager of Latgale region.

As a result of these circumstances, in many of the Latgale region municipalities, territorial planning is not being commenced in a timely manner. Such problem exists in other territorially small municipalities of Latvia as well. «Thereby, prospective regions, in which planning and creation of development programs is being delayed, may fell behind in growth from other territories in which the process is actively taking place,» says «Metrum» territorial planning development manager Andis Kublačovs.

In total, «Metrum» is currently developing six territorial plans in Latgale. Three of these – the territorial plans of Ozolaine rural municipality of Rēzekne region, Pelēču rural municipality of Preiļu region and Šēdere, Pilskalne and Bebrene of Ilūkstes district of Daugavpils region – have been submitted for resolution to the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government.

It is planned to complete the development of the territorial planning of Pušas rural municipality of Rēzekne region – the final edition of which is currently being prepared for public discussion – by the end of March.