“Metrum” supports outstanding teachers of natural sciences and mathematics

“Metrum” supports outstanding teachers of natural sciences and mathematics

Land surveying and spatial planning company “Metrum” as one of the project’s supporters for the third year participated in the presentation of the “Excellence Awards” to outstanding and progressive teachers of natural sciences and mathematics.

On December 3, in the ceremony that took place in the Small Hall of the University of Latvia, the “Excellence Award” in mathematics was received by Alla Kitajeva, mathematics teacher at Ventspils Secondary School No. 2.

“Metrum” Council Chairman Edgars Šīns thanked the teachers and emphasized the importance of their work: “Teachers should feel appreciated, so I am happy that the presentation of the “Excellence Awards” is another day, besides September 1 and the Graduation Day, when gratitude is expressed to teachers. Work is expected from teachers regardless of the weather or what is on the evening news. Teachers are expected to be able to handle mischievous students and to develop in students the talents that, for example, allow “Metrum” employees to develop complex geospatial models for airports in Kazakhstan, create up-to-date maps for the Canary Islands or conduct inventory forests in Russia.”


The winners of the 2013 “Excellence Award” in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics were determined in the first half of the day in the finals that took place in the Āgenskalns State Gymnasium, where a total of 19 teachers from all over Latvia proved their professional abilities and innovative approach to the study process.

The finalists were evaluated also by “Metrum” Chair of the Board Larisa Reine, who admitted that the contenders had professionally prepared for conducting lessons and resolving problematic situations, showing both an innovative and modern approach to teaching, for example, by using the interactive whiteboard and video materials, and by implementing creative and interesting elements in the work with students.

“It must be concluded that teachers today are very motivated to work creatively, learn themselves and from one another, and generate the interest of young people in learning exact sciences. I hope the teachers are noticed and appreciated also on ordinary days, and wish them to always retain this motivation, enthusiasm and diligence,” underlined the head of “Metrum”.


The “Excellence Award” for the third year was organized by the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Education Center of the University of Latvia, the National Centre for Education and the University of Latvia Foundation in collaboration with associations of companies and businesspeople. The awards were initiated by businesspeople with an aim of strengthening exact education, so that knowledgeable, skillful and enterprising young people could enter the labor market in the future. “Metrum” has been a supporter of the awards since their establishment in 2011.

Photo: Toms Grīnbergs, Latvijas Universitātes Preses centrs