“Metrum” to present the Excellence Award

“Metrum” to present the Excellence Award

On January 4th, company “Metrum” being one of the supporters of the project, took part in the presenting ceremony of Excellence Award to the outstanding teachers of natural sciences and mathematics.

The Excellence Award which is supported by “Metrum” was granted to Diana Sviklane, teacher of mathematics at Riga State Gymnasium No.3, for excellent performance in implementation of innovative teaching process. The teacher was congratulated by Edgars Shins, President of Council of the company “Metrum”, who noted during his speech that performance of teachers is appreciated not only by enterprises which support the Award but also by plenty of people all over Latvia.

Before presenting the Award, E.Shins revealed his motivation for involvement in the project for the second year in a row: “The areas in which “Metrum” is engaged, i.e., land survey, spatial planning, photogrammetry, are related closely to mathematics and natural sciences, therefore it is important to us to support outstanding teachers of this subject. We are proud to have this opportunity of expressing recognition to the pedagogues who captivate and inspire students by their creative and innovative approach thus helping to restore and strengthen the position of sciences in value system of the new generation.”

During the presenting ceremony, Dace Namsone, Head of the Latvian University Centre for Natural Sciences and Mathematics Education and one of the initiators of the Excellence Award, emphasized that the purpose of the Award is to distinguish and support the most innovative and Professional teachers of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, to appreciate the enormous work they have devoted so that in the future the labour market is entered by knowledgeable, skilful and enterprising young people. She wished that the contribution of the award winners would motivate ever more teachers to meaningful, creative, and effective activities during the lessons.

IMG_2907The Excellence Award was introduced in 2011 through cooperation of the University of Latvia, State Education Content Centre, entrepreneurs, and business associations to enhance excellence in schools of Latvia. The company “Metrum” has been supporting this Award since it was established.

Photo: Toms Grīnbergs, Press Centre of the University of Latvia